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We are still looking for this beautiful girls family.  She was found wandering and dirty in St. Mary's GA. After much searching, posting calling vets, groomers, etc, no owner has yet been found. Honey is here with me in Gainesville and will be vetted on Tues.

I first posted  Sarah on facebook... now to be known as HONEY (she really doesn't recognize any  name) and have received a great response. I fail fostering miserably. That's why I have 6. And I feel I need to share her into a great new home. Otherwise i'd keep this super girl. Honey tends to radiate toward men more than women, though she loves everyone. She doesn't seem to be bothered by my crew and immediately showed me she was housebroken. All seemed to have settled down (except Hunter who wants attention.) and the house is surprisingly peaceful. She's been here about 4 hours and still exploring or finding a quiet place to sit. She is SO lay back. Honey is a small collie with a magnificent coat. I can't tell is she is a white headed sable merle (is there such a thing?) or a very intense sable merle. Or maybe pure for sable. She does have a blue haw in one eye.The only brown is the usual small spot on her tail. So far I have not heard her bark.
Either someone is missing her or they passed away.
I can't find a reason for ANYONE to have given her up. I thinking closer to 5 or 6 than old. We'll know more on Tuesday. She is so dirty. A bath tomorrow.
Thank goodness no bugs....so far.honey

HUNTER An amazing journey

UPDATE on Hunter

Hunter has been at Renaissance Ranch here in Gainesville (home of CFR) Thanks to the generosity of so many of you he has been able to be a client of the Intergrative Medicene  Dept. at UFL vet school. It has done wonders for him until recently, when, I fear, the DM has begun to creep into other parts of his body.

He is still the lovable sweetest, boy who asks nothing more of you than taking him out, giving him a comfortable bed and LOTS of food. I would love for him to be with a family that could spend more time [and stimulation] with him than I can give him. But alas, there are few that would be wiling to enjoy this 24/7 boy. (he does sleep through the night) If you would like to try, please let me know. Especially if you are near a physical therapy center which CFR will continue to pay for.

Hunter was found on the streets of Hialeah unable to move his entire rear. His legs were totally atrophied. He had a severe UTI, a bad hot spot and raw rear nails and paws where he had been laying and dragging himself around....  and a will to live that is unprecedented.

Hunter has tested positive for the gene for DM(degenerative myelopathy). This is an non-curable progressive disease akin to ALS in humans. The Specialist's could not absolutely verify that Hunter actually has DM w/o tests impossible at this time.

Everyone who meets Hunter loves him. He gets along with everyone. Loves kids and other dogs. He loves to play... even in his cart. 
Please don't get me wrong... Hunter is currently a 24/7 dog. We hope and pray that he will, in the right circumstances, improve with lots of TLC and a firm hand to make him learn his boundaries. But then again, he may not improve.

Dogs like Hunter are the ones that make your heart sing and also break it when it's time to say goodbye. But you'll know that you've done a good deed giving him a new beginning as well as an awesome ending.

Important news.

Many collies have come and quickly gone to new homes.

We have many approved applicants and we managed to pair some quickly.

If you would like to be considered for an adoption, please make sure you have a recent application on file. You can find the application here. Or contact us and I will send you one.  We will get back to you ASAP.

We hope we can find the RIGHT collie for you.

And remember to let us know if you are not yet on our private mailing list and would like to be added. If you've changed your email address, or want off the mail, please let us know.


But there are a lot of ways to donate FOR HUNTER. Go directly to  our PAYPAL where you can use your credit card if you wish. Put in as a purchase  (not donation) and they won't take a fee. Call Knowles Animal Clinic directly (305-279-2323) and say for Hunter. Or you can send a check to CFR. Contact me for the address.


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