Adoption guidelines:

Collies are gentle, loving and devoted companions. They are also gentle with children and other animals. Collies are social and very loyal to their owners and when you have a Rescue Collie these traits only intensify. Our goal is to achieve a successful match between the Rescue Collie and the adopting family. We want a happy ending to every one of our rescue stories and part of that process is to find a Collie that will fit into your lifestyle and the needs of the adopting family. So we have put together a few guidelines to help you understand what adopting a Rescue Collie is all about.

1. While the Rescue Collie must spend the majority of its time indoors with the adopting family, a fenced yard is suggested for the protection, safety and security of the Rescue Collie.

2. Daily walks and exercise with your Collie will provide you with much fun and lots of quality time together.

3. Our adoption fee helps with our vet and other rehabilitation costs. They are contingent upon the age and condition of the dog.

4. All Rescue Collies have received the following veterinarian care:
    Spaying or Neutering
    DHLPPC & Rabies Vaccines
    Heartworm Test (then placed on Interceptor)
    Fecal Exam
    Bordatella Vaccine
    Teeth Cleaning (when necessary)
    Microchip Implant (Avid) or Tattoo

5. Collie Club of Greater Miami will do a home check prior to the Rescue Collie being placed in the adopting family.

6. An adoption agreement contract must be signed outlining basic care and conditions that must be maintained for the Rescue Collie.

7. All transportation cost is the responsibility of the adopting family.

8. The adopting family represents that no member of the family has ever been charged with cruelty to animals.