Missy, Macy and Prince came to CFR intact. Little did we know that Prince and Missy had gotten together before they came to us and within 3 weeks Missy had 11 pups. Unfortunately we lost one. Both parents are purebred collies. Prince (AKC)  has been adopted. Macy will be available to go to her new home once she has been spayed in about 2 weeks See her page.  .  Missy will be ready in about 2 months. Get ready for her posting. As of Labor Day they will be 5 weeks old. As the pups will not yet be altered when placed, we are giving priority to folks who have adopted from us before or those whom we feel assured will have them sputered at the appropriate time. A special contract will be used to assure this will be completed.

Meet Missy's 10 pups.

#6 TURK .. BIG boy, Mahogany sable,

white factored = lots of white and a great attitude  adopted

#1 BANDIT..Big Boy, flashy ..adopted

#3 BUTTERCUP.. big girl..loves her food.


#10 KING.. Small boy with a great attitude Mahogany sable.


#4 LILLY..  Small, Sweet, sable and white


#8 MIDAS .. BIG boy with a great attitude, mahogany sable  ... adopted

#9 LASSIE .. tiny, but feisty little girl with great hips,


#2 VIOLET ..  Small girl and VERY sweet, sable and white girl... adopted

#7 ROSEBUD .. Medium size with a feisty attitude, another sable and white. Adopted

#5 JASMINE .. Medium size with a BIG attitude, Mahogany sable  Adopted

MISSY the MOM, has a Pending Adoption.

We have pending placements for all of Missy's pups, Missy and Macy

Lassie.. 7 days.


After 11am: 352-271-0780

Felicia Pres.

or Judy (727) 743-9338

in the early AM

all 10... 6 days

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Missy's Puppies Born 7-30-2018