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BEAR is a just turned 2 year old, gorgeous, sweet, great with children, s/w (maybe a little merle too) AKC collie with an issue. 

Bear came to CFR fully trained and we've added a few more things. he is VERY velcro and sometimes a little gently pushy wanting to be petted first. But he gets along great with the others. He LOVES to fetch a ball or anything you throw. 

Bear's 'issue' is that he may have EPI.  Endocrine pancreatic insufficiency. In normal circumstances EPI is fully controlled with an enzyme added to the food and they live a normal and long life. But stress can aggravate the issue. And what is the issue... sorry , it's gross, but I am always totally up front....if out of control... explosive [💩] ! His family loved him dearly and it was a hard decision to finally give him up. But the stress was too much for a growing family.

We've had Bear tested and my vet says he does NOT have EPI.

We feel the stress of his former home was too much for him. He has been with me at the Ranch with NO problems. I have cut back on the enzymes that our vet says cannot hurt and keeps the gut healthy.

​Because he is so incredibly smart and wants only to please, we are looking for a home that will continue with his training and take him to performance activities such as Obedience, agility and herding. Due to his gentleness he may also make a great service dog. A few kids around the home wouldn't hurt either.

A VERY large fenced yard is also a requirement as he LOVES to run!

Currently located in Gainesville Fl

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BEAR  2 year old ultra smart , sable and white