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Collies Florida Rescue has been assisting in the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of collies for 15 years. We began operating as a committee of the Collie Club of Greater Miami, a Florida Non-profit corporation. In 2005 I decided that we could better assist more animals, to a greater degree, if we became an independent, tax exempt organization. With the assistance of several awesome supporters, we officially received out 501(3)C  status in 2006. We have thus far placed well over 200 collies and service, along with Tallahassee, Gulf Coast, and First Coast Collie Rescues the state of Florida and Southern GA & AL. We also network with many Collie Rescues all over the country
There are so many animals in a state of need that it is sometimes difficult to keep up and sometimes the costs are astronomical.  Collies come to us either as surrenders or from shelters. They may have been neglected or abused. Vetting, heart worm treatments and restoration of health while in foster care, all come at a high cost. Our top adoption donation of $350....for a healthy puppy.... slides downward depending on age, mental and physical needs and temperament (a rarity) barely covers basic intake needs.
We maintain our funds via grant writing,  a future active Ebay site or on site store, as well as belonging to iGive, AMAZON SMILE, and other shop, they donate! Watch for them on the home page. Our main fundraiser EVENT, the ANNUAL COLLIE RESCUE BRUNCH and FUN EVENT,  will resume shortly as we settle into our new home near Gainesville.


Wonder how I arrived at finding my passion for rescue?
To read about how I came to become a ‘rescuer’, please go to:
It’s a little website I wrote 10 years ago.
Most of the collies have gone over the Bridge, but we remember them all fondly
Please enjoy reading about some of our early rescues. (But ignore all address on the site as I can no longer update that site.)
We ‘hope’ you will be able to help us save many more this coming year as we set up CFR at
RENAISSANCE RANCH  in Gainesville, Fl

We are also a member of

All organizations assist collies (and people) in need and could use your support.

​​After 10am: 352-271-0780

Felicia Pres.

or Judy (727) 743-9338

in the early AM

 Adoption Guidelines:

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About Us


It is the policy of CFR to adopt the RIGHT collie to the RIGHT family. We all want each collie too become part of a loving forever home.    For that reason we weigh each application against the needs of both the collie and the potential home. Though we try to find you the type, color, gender, temperament or age that you want, we take many factors into consideration, and of course, we will always rely on the collie to make the final decision.  Therefore it is important for you to have a meet and greet ( with any other animals you may have… if possible) before a possible placement. Please note where they are located, as we foster all over the state. Make sure you will be able to visit. 

And YES, if our visit to your home was positive and the meet and greet goes well, you will be able to take you new BFF home right then and there. We hold your check or cash for 2 weeks to make sure all goes well. ( Yes, we take Paypal if you have access via your phone or tablet.)

  • Though a fenced yard is preferred, we do not always require it. It depends on the dog and situation. 
  • We prefer you to own your home of condo. Rentals will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  1. Most of our collies are vetted and ready to go. But due to some situations you will be responsible for required follow-up care. We pride ourselves on informing you of everything we knowabout each dog through the time of adoption.
  • Doggie Doors are acceptable WITH an acceptable and secure fence. Please ensure that someone is supervising their play. Dog theft is way too rampant. 
  • We adopt to mature, responsible people of all ages.
  • Lastly, you will be required to send us photos and updates . We miss all our charges and like to know how they are doing.

Our donations range for $50 for a very senior or disabled collie, to $350 for a collie 2 years or under. It depends on many factors. 

Please note that these donations rarely cover the cost of what it takes for us to prepare a collie for a new home. An ill or mistreated collie may take months and thousands of dollars. We depend on generous supporters to allow us to continue saving collies in need.