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Simon's Story      My First Rescue

Many of us fell in love with collies because of that wonderful story of Lassie, who worked so hard to return to his master. Go know!

I got into rescue because I had been adopted by a little terrier mix that had been running the streets of my neighborhood for many months. I had several collies back then, including Georgie, who was a winning show dog. ‘Baby’ lived with us for 3 years, spending all that time killing everything she could get her jaws on, possums, neighbors cats, ducks, everything!  It was her survival instinct from her months (years?) on the streets. All of a sudden she turned. She attacked and nearly killed Georgie and turned on ME. The vet and I tried everything.... Crates, muzzles, meds and behavior modification. Nothing worked.  What could I do?

Giving her problems to someone else, was out of the question. I had her put down.

Needless to say I felt so guilty, that I started to read some on the many yahoo groups for rescue. Maybe if I could help another dog, I wouldn’t feel so badly about ‘Baby’. I figured that I could transport or maybe foster a dog now and then. Around the turn of the millennium, I read a post for a collie up in central FL. That was pulled from a shelter but the rescuer could not keep. After several years of procrastinating on actually DOING rescue, I agreed to meet her 1/2 way up. He was very good in the van. I talked to him all the way. Not having a name, I tried a few on for size. You know, all the usual. LASSIE, Laddy, Lad, Sam, Rex, but he seemed to perk up at SIMON. So Simon it was.

 My very first rescue dog!!

 Simon stayed with me for a few weeks. At that time my exterminator (I don’t do fleas or ticks!) expressed how much he loved my dogs. He always wanted a collie. Simon was available. Around the same time, I did a home visit in La Belle Fl. I was not pleased with the set up and their other dog was mean. So I left.

Fast forward. Aug. 2007. A 10 year old collie was found wondering in Miami. Miami-Dade Animal Control had him. Old dogs don’t usually get adopted and their time there is short. I made arrangements to pick him up. MAC said that he was ready to go and that he had a microchip. (They usually put one in.) He was the TALLEST collie I had ever seen! Sweet as sugar with mattes to the skin and balls of tight fur the size of grapefruits hung from all over. And boy did he smell badly.

 I let him hang around with my other dogs, while I tried to figure out what to call him. As always, I went through the usual list trying to find one that he might respond to. In the back of my mind I kept thinking that he reminded me of another dog. So I went through that list too. When I got to Simon, he turned and walked over to me. Soooooooo..... Simon it was.

 A few weeks of kennel cough misery and I finally had a few moments to call and register his microchip. I usually do it on line, but something made me call. I was shocked to learn that the chip was already registered. They would not give me any information.

I begged to know WHEN he was registered...... 2000! OH MY! HUMMM?

I then begged to know WHERE he was registered......reluctantly she said.....LaBelle! OHHHHHH MYYYYY!!!!???

 I again begged her to PLEASE tell me the name they registered him with and VERY reluctantly she answered.........




SIMON!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!



I have no idea how Simon got to LaBelle and /or  back to Miami, as the years have faded my recollections, but........





May they and all those that followed and passed over the Bridge RIP.

Updated 9-2018

SImon came home.  passed  7/28/2009     12+ yrs

Simon at the shelter.  6-2000