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CHANCE , a male, really smart smooth coated SHELLIE  (Carolina dog / collie)  

Chance came to us from a shelter in Jacksonville. We think no more than 6, but he acts like a puppy. He had been returned more than once because he is a BARKER! Yes, he loves to bark but we feel that's because he wants to be with his person(s). He LOVES people.,other dogs and pretty much everything. Chance is one of the smartest dogs we've ever had. He learnt almost ALL necessary commands in a matter of days. He is very attentive and responsive. Would make a GREAT dog for performance activities. Or perhaps on a farm.  

From Debbie and me...Debbie and i would  love to see CHANCE in a home situation. As he lived in a home with an older gentleman who passed away, we feel he is overwhelmed by all the other dogs around here and would do much better in a one dog, one person home Debbie has been working on his commands and he is a quick learner. ( click on video on home page) Rides great in a car and OK with cats
We're hoping to eventually find a person who will continue his training and participate in high performance activities. 
​In the meantime you would like a 'chance' to meet CHANCE  please let us know.....  colliesflorida@mac.com

Please fill out an application if you haven't done one yet. Thank you everyone!

Please visit Chance at the Ranch and fall in love too.

Adoption fee $250, 

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