Charlotte      Sable & white , 3-5 yrs, slightly cow-hocked, great hips

​​After 10am: 352-271-0780

Felicia Pres.

or Judy (727) 743-9338

in the early AM

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Charlotte( name given by animal services) was found wandering the streets of Miami. No tag no chip. We have been searching for her family for over a month with no luck. She was a very much loved collie and is a sweetheart. She is now, spayed, vetted and ready for her forever home. She is truly going to be someone's BFF. (best furry friend!)

Char is crate trained,  housebroken, great with kids, dogs, cats. She walks great on a leash.Char doesn't like the storms or fireworks. She's a barker, but only  when she gets excited. As you can see she loves to lay 'frog' style, a sign of good hips. She is a bit cow-hocked due to the turn out of her paws. It does not effect her physically. She's just a really great dog.

Char would like a family, maybe with kids to to have fun with and maybe even another pet to play with.

We are currently reviewing her MANY applications.(Adoption pending)