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Felicia Pres.

or Judy (727) 743-9338

in the early AM

"I'm Jesse James the wild child. I'm not even a 2 year old tri-color, male, rough collie.    I came from a BYB(backyard breeder) who left me in the yard. Ive never been in a house so I'm behind on housebreaking,  never road in a car till rescue picked me up, never had a collar or leash on so I'll try to back out of my collar to get away. I do have a collar on, and working with leashing. I want so much to trust people and to be loved but it's really hard for me. Foster mom judy, says I go one step forward and 2 steps back. I've been completely vetted,  I just need a fenced yard and a quiet family that will patiently work with me and that are willing to give me a chance at being a collie."

Jesse is a very scared and shy young man with a lot of emotional issues that we are working on. We hope to soon find the perfect home where they will shower him with love and understanding. We are still reviewing applicants to find that perfect home. Type your paragraph here.

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Jesse James 2 year old tri-color   ADOPTED