​​After 10am: 352-271-0780

Felicia Pres.

or Judy (727) 743-9338

in the early AM

MERLIN​  5 Years, blue headed white


"i'm Merlin, I have to find me a new home because the neighbors said I bark too loud..... and I guess I do. But only when there's something to bark at! I'd make anyone a great companion and watchdog because i love my people and am very affectionate. I used to spend a lot of time in a crate, but I much prefer it here on the couch. My foster mom says I'm a big time 'counter surfer and opportunistic moocher.' If it's anywhere within my reach, and i'm pretty tall,  i'll get it.  Mom says she's working on it with 'pepper'?

 I do know, sit, wait, come and ...well anything else you want to teach me because i'm really smart and want to please you... so you'll love me as much as i'll love you.

​Mom also says i'm "fully vetted" and microchipped.

​ And...oh yes, I do have those cute ears, one tipped and one up"😁

I'm up in Gainesville

​Adoption donation $300