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REBEL IS NOW THE CONSTANT COMPANION TO AN WONDERFUL YOUNG MAN. They walk every day to explore his new home.

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"Hi I'm Rebel, a tri- smooth coated collie, 7 yo. I was pickup as a  stray in Pasco County. Collie rescue mom came an got me out of the shelter.  I had a Doogie cold, but I'm  all better  now and ready to find my furever home.  I do know  basic OB, I might only weigh 50#, but  I'm a strong boy. I like to fetch, but not give back. I get along with others dogs. Cats ...I'm very interested in them, don't quite know what to think of them though. I think it would be better if there' are no cats. I like kids. Been around an autistic 8 year old boy a lot. I love people the best.  I want all the attention from them, especially my foster mom.

But I really want a family of my own to take care of."

In St. Petersburg

Adoption donation....$250