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Just look at  those natural ears!



Teddy was pulled from Miami-Dade Animal Services after I read of his plight and saw that sweet collie face.   With the assistance of some of our awesome partners in that area we got him over to MiamiVeterinary Services where they have been repairing his leg , which had a double brake with protruding bone, with permanent pins and plates and treating his other issues. His leg is healing well, he is walking on it and he should have a return of full mobility.

We believe he was hit by a car which also left Teddy with severe damage to his rear right leg and rear end. His tail was pulled from its normal position and may eventually need to be amputated. Not a problem, as he has spots on his muzzle, we'll just add Aussie to the mix😊.  

 As the nerves grow back that are damaged, his urinary incontinent has healed and he is no longer incontinent.  In fact he appears to be housebroken!

 It will be months before we will know whether he will ever regain  normalcy in his tail Only time will tell.

We have discovered he appears to be very attentive to cats. SO NO cat home is a requirement.

Placed in a non stressful situation with lots of TLC, the right food, consistency and a strict schedule he should remain healthy and happy.

TEDDY is the sweetest boy ever and he knows he has been saved. he is now  here at the waystation, where Debbie and I can continue his rehabilitation and find him a great home.