Trixie was pulled from the shelter in Marion County. We do not know her past, but we do know she came to us with some fears.

We believe Trixie is mixed with Australian Cattle Dog.  

She is very sweet,  gets along great with other dogs, likes cats bit will chase cats, if another dog is involved.  She is crate trained and IS food aggressive, so she must eat alone or in her crate. But again, only with other dogs around. Otherwise, she will wait her turn for her treat and then runs to eat it in her crate.  

She does have some fear of raided arms and items like brooms.

She wants to play with toys, but, doesn't really know how, was actually afraid of some of the stuffed ones .

She is energetic and would make an awesome obedience/agility dog.  She does get the zoomies!! 

"She is nice little dog, And already has a smile on her face!!!"

​Located  in the Dunnellon area

TRIXIE Sable, smooth collie mix

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